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Andrew Davies

I first encountered martial arts back in the late 1960’s when I had a very quick couple of Judo classes at a local community hall, but never progressed on at that time. I only took them up seriously during the early 1970’s during the big ‘Bruce Lee’ Kung Fu boom period when I started learning the Pak Mei (White Eyebrow) system under Sifu George Taylor who would travel down from Birmingham to teach every week in Bristol. At first the classes were very big with hundreds of students joining but as time went on and training became progressively harder and more intense, the numbers declined until there were a hard-core of about twenty or so left. From the beginning I found classes enjoyable and although not a sporty type, I relished the challenges of progressing through the ranks and acquiring new skills even though it meant tough physical demands. Sadly after a couple of years Sifu Taylor handed the school over to a senior student who was not skilled enough back then to run a club, so about ten of us started visiting other martial arts schools to see if there was something else available. We tried several Karate and Kung-Fu Schools which although good, did not seem to appeal to us so we drifted for a few months from one school to another in search of more suitable instruction. During a visit to one particular Karate Club we noticed that several of the Brown and Black Belts were sporting a number of Black eyes and heavy bruising and we inquired as to how this had come about. We were told that a couple of Chinese Black Belts from a Taekwondo club had trained there a couple of days previously and had basically ripped them apart.

We eventually found a Chinese Taekwondo instructor running classes in Bristol who was connected to those who had visited the Karate club. We were quickly asked to demonstrate our skills and proceeded to demonstrate the first part of our form which if memory serves me right was from the ‘Nine Step Push’. The Taekwondo instructor quickly stopped us and proceeded to demonstrate the form in it’s entirety – it turned out that he was also skilled in Pak Mei Kung-Fu. Mr. Thomas (Kin Man) Yau Needless to say we enrolled in Taekwondo under Mr. Thomas (Kin Man) Yau (pictured above) where I went on to test for my 1st Dan Black belt in November 1978. Other instructors at the club were Mr. Fred Loh, Mr. Tan and Mr. Alfred Toh under the guidance of Master Fred Lee 6th Dan, head instructor of the British Taekwondo Association. Prior to Mr. Yau returning to Hong Kong I joined the ‘Premier Taekwondo Academy’ under Master Murray Walker 4th Dan where I successfully gained my 2nd Dan Black belt and was elected as one of the first Executive Committee members of the newly formed British Taekwondo Control Board, the official body for WTF Taekwondo in Great Britain, as was appointed as regional Olympic Coach for Taekwondo in the South West region. It was during my time on this Executive that I first experienced the ugly face of martial arts politics and did not seek reelection after my first term. The Davies Brothers with Master Han, You Guen. I later went on to become a student of two-time WTF World Taekwondo Champion, Master Han, You Guen and ran schools for him in the West of England area. Today, I run my own full-time academy in Bristol with 22 Black belts and almost 300 students plus nine satellite schools in Bath, Swindon, South Gloucestershire, Weston-Super-Mare and North East Somerset.

Master Davies continues succeed at the highest level.

Over the years I have entered many competitions and have won several national titles in both sparring and patterns culminating in a European Silver Medal in 1999. More recently I have been focusing on weapons forms and am continuing to study and now compete in this area of martial arts.

At present I am in the process of writing my first book on basic patterns which I hope to see published in autumn 2002, followed by instructional Poomse and weapons video's. (WIF).



Pablo Delgado

Hanshi Pablo Delgado began his martial arts training in 1965 in Bronx, New York. At the age of nine he began studying Goju Ryu under the late Grandmaster Joaquin Casado. In 1973 he moved to Puerto Rico where he continued training in the martial arts on the Island. During this time he attended high school. In 1973 he

continued his studies with Meijin Casado and earn his Black Belt in Casado new System of Sanseido Goju Ryu. They use to travel to different dojos to challenge them in a friendly competition but the majority of them decline the challenge.

In 1977 he went to Jersey City, New Jersey and attended Jersey City State College and taught the art of Sanseido Goju Ryu in his parents basement. He competed in many National and local tournaments, and was victorious in many of the them. He also studied under Grandmaster Aarron Banks at Bank's New York Karate Academy. He retired from competition in 1988 and began teaching in a community center in the Bronx, New York. He later worked with master Hawk Frazier and also with Grand master GJ Torres then he opened the Black Dragons Dojo In the Bronx with his two sons Carlos and Luis Delgado as assistant instructors. He had the  Bad Boys National Karate Team which competed on a national level and as a team in Puerto Rico.

Throughout the years, Hanshi Delgado, with the help of his two sons, developed a system that was a mixture of many diciplines. This system was named Senshi-Do Kai. Hanshi Delgado was recognized as Hanshi 10th Dan by the International Combat Martial Arts Union Association. This system is dedicated to the late Grandmaster Joaquin Casado. On June 12, 2009 Hanshi Pablo E. Delgado was  inducted into the World Budo Awards Hall of fame and received the “Platinum Pioneer Award” in Guayama city, Puerto Rico. On June 27th, 2009 Hanshi Pablo E. Delgado was inducted into the Who’s who in the Martial Arts International Hall of Fame as the “Founder of the Year Award” in Tinton Falls, New Jersey.



Vladimir Djordjevic

Vladimir Djordjevic was born on January 23, 1973 in Belgrade, Serbia. Ever since the age of seven he has been training in various forms of martial arts including Karate, Taekwondo, Full Contact, Kickboxing, Real Aikido and Jujitsu.   He holds a 6.DAN in Real Aikido, 6.DAN in Jujitsu and 7.DAN in AikiJujitsu. Vladimir has also served in the Serbian military police, Anti-terrorist special unit. During this time together with his superiors he trains other soldiers in martial arts. After the military, he opens his own school for Kickboxing and together with the Kickboxing Federation of Yugoslavia he organizes State Junior Championships in Kickboxing. Shortly after he gets introduced to Soke Ljubomir Vracarevic, Major-General in the Russian Army responsible for training Russian military and police special units "Alpha" "Cobra" and Spetsnaz. Soke Ljubomir Vracarevic is the founder of the style called Real Aikido in Belgrade were Vladimir becomes more aware of the importance of self defense presented in Aikido and Jujitsu.  He eventually opens his own school of Real Aikido called CRA Djordjevic", streamlining it to focus on highly flexible and wildly incorporated set of self-defense techniques.

During this whole time Vladimir still trains in the World Center of Real Aikido under sensei Ljubomir Vracarevic. He attained his master Real Aikido instructor title in 1997. In 1998 he comes to West Palm Beach, Florida and immediately joins the MMA academy of Mat Birov, where he takes the position as instructor.  At the end of 1999 Vladimir moves to Chicago where he continues his training in several clubs throughout the area.  He focuses mainly on his own advancements and in January of 2000, under the guidance of his sensei Ljubomir Vracarevic, he opens his own school called U.S. Center of Real Aikido, today known as "Odbrana".

Creator of ODBRANA is Chief Instructor Vladimir Djordjevic, head instructor of Real Aikido and Jujitsu for more than a decade in USA, Canada and South America. Vladimir Djordjevic was inducted into the martial arts hall of fame 5 times and holds a 6.DAN in Real Aikido, 6.DAN in Jujitsu and a 7. Dan in AikiJujitsu. With 29 years of martial arts dedication, Vladimir Djordjevic has gone on to win numerous championships in many associations and federations worldwide. (USNTF, Arnold martial arts world games, etc.) Vladimir Djordjevic has served in the Serbian Military police and Anti-Terrorist Unit. As combat and tactical instructor he has singled out hundreds of the original techniques and purified them to effectively take complete control of a hostile situation. He has been featured on CBS2 TV as the most recognized rape prevention instructor to date. He is Ambassador of martial arts, an internationally recognized referee and very well respected as one of the main instructors for numerous units and law enforcement agencies worldwide.


CBS 2 Chicago, The Best Rape - Prevention Instructor.

Real Aikido Seminars in USA, Canada, South America 2000-2009

US Martial Arts Hall Of Fame 2006 - Training Camp Instructor - Self Defense

US Martial Arts Hall Of Fame 2005 - Training Camp Instructor - Rape Prevention

US Martial Art Hall Of Fame 2004  - Most Distinguished Law Enforcement Instructor Of The Year

AKA GRAND Nationals & WSKF 2004 - BB Divisions-1st.Place (Self-Defense)

Arnold Martial Arts World Games 2004 - Gold Medalist (Self Defense)

Action Martial Arts Magazine's Hall Of Fame 2003 - “Excellence in Teaching of the Martial Arts “

11th USNTF International Championship 2003 - Adult Champion

US Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2003 - “Distinguished Master Instructor of the Year “

Inducted into “2002 Hall Of Fame”

IMACOF - Certified Defensive Tactics Instructor

Martial Arts Association - International - “Ambassador of the MAA”

Lifetime member of United States Martial Arts Association, World Center of Real Aikido, Combat   Martial Arts Practitioners Association, NAPMA, International Narcotic Enforcement Officers Association.

Head Referee for Self-Defense, Jujitsu and Kick Boxing Styles in numerous associations & federations, nation & worldwide. (WAKO, USNTF, AKA, WSKF, Arnold MAWG, CMAPA, WKA, AJA)

US and Illinois Head representative of KIAI, JJFS, ISCA, SBC, EJJU

Vladimir is currently finishing his book “Odbrana” that should be coming out at the beginning of 2010



Brendan Donnelly

Brendan Donnelly began his Martial Arts career in 1979 training in traditional Karate and Kung-Fu. In 1982 he established the first "Full Contact"/ Kick-Boxing club in the Holy Family Boxing Club in Drogheda. Taking part in several full contact bouts he discovered that a lot of the traditional techniques needed to be adapted if they were to be effective in the "full Contact" arena.

At that time in Ireland the idea that you could be other than one of the established styles such as Wado-Ryu, Shotokan or Kenpo was unthinkable.

In 1982 Brendan began training with Sensei John Mc Grane in Dublin, Sensei Mc Grane having an open minded approach to Martial Arts, allowed Brendan to contrinue with the developement of what he termed as "free-Style" Karate.

Brendan , having being awarded his 1st Dan from Sensei John Mc Grane , established the Red Dragon Free Style Karate Club in Drogheda in 1984. The Club produced many champions in both full-contact and semi-contact competitions, indeed some of Brendan's students have gone on to further develop his concepts of independent thinking within the Martial Arts and have established "systems" based on many of his orginal concepts.

In 1986 one of Brendan's appointed Blackbelts John Campbel opened a second club in Drogheda, to avoid confusion and wanting to explore new avenues Brendan renamed his club the Laconian Karate Club. Both clubs remained under the auspices of the Red Dragon Karate Association.


Laconian Karate

Laconian, meaning direct and straight to the point was the concept of Karate teaching Brendan wanted impart to his students.

The club concentrated mostly on full-contact training and took part and were successful in many "kick-boxing" competitions, however Brendan was still striving to achieve more reality in combat training and found "kick-Boxing" to be limited in its range of techniques in the ring.

Brendan and his fellow Black belts started experimenting with "all out" full-contact which included leg kicks ,knee strikes and elbows, using techniques from Muay Thai. It was at this point having read an article in the English martial arts magazine "Combat" about Laconian Karate (1995 ) that Master Woody the European representative for Muay Thai, contacted Brendan with the hope that he could enter an Irish team in to the World Muay Thai Championships in Thailand.


Muay Thai

Always up for a challenge and wanting to find out more about Muay Thai, Brendan travelled to Germany and the U.K for intensive training in Muay Thai.

He set up a new full time Muay Thai training hall in Drogheda, Ireland the "Contact Corner" which contained all the equipment needed to practice the art of Muay Thai including a full sized boxing ring.

In 1996 Brendan was appointed as National Representative for the International Amatuer Muay Thai Federation and was responsible for taking the first Irish team ever to take part in the Amateur World Championships.



 Brendan continued to travel back and forth to Thailand learning more about this fantastic art of Muay Thai and Thai culture.On A visit in 2002 Brendan met up with and studied under the tutelage Sensei Srisai 9th Dan Tomari-te, Free-style karate(4th Dan Seishinryu) and now visits at least once per year to update on his karate skills and techniques.

On 23rd December 2008 Brendan was awarded his 7th Dan (IMATF).



Paul Dyer

Owner of Dakota Dragon Defense, Paul Dyer has enjoyed a recognized and celebrated career as master and martial artist.Master Dyer teaches the balance that comes by practicing equal parts martial arts, natural healing, and compassionate actions. Master Dyer has spent years studying and dedicating his life to unraveling the roots of life challenges that all humans still struggle with today, regardless of race or socioeconomic background. Through the practice of martial arts it has open the gate way to the truth. These are things Master Dyer would like to share with you. Lao Tzu, an ancient Chinese scholar, wrote, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” Beyond earning a Doctorate in Martial Arts Science from Shinja Martial Arts University, Master Dyer has also accrued many additional milestones in the 35-plus years he’s spent practicing martial arts. These honors include:



*  International Combat Martial Arts Unions Association ICMAUA                                       

* United States Martial Artist Association                                                                             

* American Combined Arts Federation                                                                                   

* American Combative Jiu-Jitsu Association                                                                           

* Code Red Unarmed Combat / Self Defense Training International

- President North American Kung-fu Federation

- Vice President of the International Kenpo Karate Academies,

- Sokeship Under Authority of Shinja Martial Arts University,

- North Dakota Representative of the United States Martial Arts Association,

- USA Director of the World International Martial Arts Association Organization ,

- International Koryu Bujutsu Representative.

- International Bujutsu Society Masters Council.

- International Continental Martial Arts Union North Dakota Director.

- United Sokeship Alliance International Member

- Wakazamura International Martial Arts Organization Representative,

- International All-Style Budo Federation Master Council

- USA Director of the World Martial Arts and Defense Sport Federation,

- Member of the Black Dragon Fighting Society,

- Member Modern Martial Arts Union,

- Member of the World Self Defense Association,

- International Martial Arts Union Instructor Examiner,

- Brotherhood of Traidic Arts Member,

- Iron Dragon Style Warrior Arts Study Member,

- Charted School of the International Moy-Ryu Karate Do Federation,

- WNPS Dojo Affiliated, Shinja Training Facility,

- President of the Fargo All Martial Arts Seminar Inc.,



United States Martial Artist Association Hall of Fame                                                     

American Combined Arts Federation Hall of Honor    

American Combined Arts Federation Hall of Fame

American Combative Jiu-Jitsu Association Hall of Honor

American Combined Arts Federation Martial Artist Humanitarian Award                               

United States Martial Arts Hall of fame Inductee,




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