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David Baker

I am the Head Instructor and Director of Freestyle Ju Jitsu Kobudo 2nd Dan Ju Jitsu / 4th Dan Kobudo.

I also hold the position of Head Instructor Practical JuJitsu and Part Founder 3rd Dan and

Practical JuJitsu England Banner Rep under Practical Martial Arts plus I hold the following: -

Member of Masters International Nunchaku Association

1st Dan Senior Instructor under licence with Martial Arts All Styles

1st Dan Spirit Combat International

1st Dan under Self Defence Federation as a Club Head

Senior Self Defence Instructor

1st Dan Instructor under World Elite Black Belt Society


The past Martial Arts I have trained in are: -

Shotokan Karate, Kempo Ju Jitsu, Shadlin Kempo, Thi Chi, Hapkido, Offensive San Soo, Aikido and other Martial Arts.


I have been training in Martial arts since 1985 and I have been teaching Weapons for the past 12 years and Jujitsu for 9 years (5 years of my own club) Freestyle Ju Jitsu has two Dojo and Practical JuJitsu has over 8500 members under the membership of Practical Martial Arts.

The system of Kobudo we teach is done around 5 weapons (4 of which has a syllabus) these are Jo, Tanjo, Handbo, Kubotan and Nunchakus.

The system of Ju Jitsu we teach (Freestyle Ju Jitsu) is based on Samurai Ju Jitsu, Kempo Ju Jitsu, Judo and other systems, but it does have its own syllabus that is done to as high standard as we can keep.


Past and Present Instructors

Soke Brain Dossett 10th Dan Spirit Combat

Kancho Bill Cox 7th Dan Spirit Combat

Shihan Brian Cheek 7th Dan W.E.B.B.S

Master Dave Turton 8th Dan Self Defence Federation

Senior Sensei Neil Godbold 2nd Dan Freestyle Ju Jitsu

Shihan P Browne 7th Dan Kempo Ju Jitsu

Sensei Dave Aikido

Sensei Dominic Foster 4th Dan Aikido

Master Dave Bishop 5th Dan Karate / Kickboxing

Sensei Zoltan 3rd Dan Shotokan Karate

Sensei Robert Agar Hutton

Plus others that have been on Courses Seminars


Time in Martial Arts

1985 (only 6 months) – Shadlin Kempo

1985 Present weapons Nunchakus

1990 Present Freestyle Ju Jitsu (plus other Martial Arts)

1998 Present Spirit Combat

2001 2003 Self Defence Federation

2002 Present W.E.B.B.S

2002 Present Practical Martial Arts

I have done tournaments and got 5th place in Sport Ju Jitsu (Nationals) 2 years running 1993 / 1994



Marco Bandioli

Marco BANDIOLI started his martial arts training in 1965 in Turin (Italy), when he was 7 years old, practicing Judo and Shotokan Karate under the guide of Grandmaster Shoji Sugiyama (a multi-ranked japanese martial artist, Hanshi and Kyoshi from Yoseikan Budo system, Kodokan and Aikikai). In 1974 he attended the Naval College in Venice, in 1977 the Naval Academy and in 1981 started his full active service aboard naval units. During military education and Navy overseas operational activities, he was able to grow up in martial arts skill taking anytime opportunities to meet and train under the leading guide of different karate sensei (i.e. Tadayuki Mimura, Kohei Takano) joining, in those perspectives, different dojo, renmei and styles (i.e. GojuRyu, Kyokushinkai). A special account must be taken into account for his growing process: the aquaintance of Goju-Ryu Grandmaster Jitsumi Gogen Yamaguchi (the worldwide famous 10° Dan Hanshi and Kancho) and the practical influences and technical teachings by major Hitoshi Nakamura, a war veteran. Shortly, three significant points: in 1976 he achieved the 1st Degree Black Belt both in Karate and Judo; in 1999 he was awarded the US Presidential Sports Award (for his outstanding Karate dedication and for his deep knowledge of both japanese and okinawense expressions of different karate styles); in 2003 he achieved the 5th Degree Black Belt in traditional japanese Karate (certified by korean Karate and Tae-Kwon-Do Grandmaster Kang Rhee), and becoming a Kobudo weapons specialist too. Military operations in which he was involved made him more conscious of the need of a “fighting military system” particularily fitted for sailors, for Amphibious troops and for Special Forces operators tasked in Boarding Operations, Maritime Security Operations, Antipiracy Operations and Antiterrorism activities. In this perspective (at that time Navy Commander) he created (with the support of few martialists Navy Officers and Army Warrant Officers) a “karate system” named “Wanikan-Ryu” (the style of the Alligator) linked to japanese tradition but implemented with new forms and fighting techniques from different karate styles and mixed martial arts. Subsequently,some of his articles on the development of military combat systems have been published with great success in a specialized online defence magazine ( That new martial aspect has been transposed by International Association ICMAUA (2021) and Bandioli has been awarded the 5th Degree Black Belt in “Combat Karate” and has been bestowed “Soke” of WanikanRyu (but maintaining the karate rank of 5° Dan Black Belt). Rear Admiral (Lwr Hlf) ITNAVY Bandioli holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Maritime and Naval Science at Pisa University and a Master’s Degree in Political Science at Trieste University.


Gregory Benjamin

Soke Gregory B. Benjamin was born March 20, 1956 in Monroe, Louisiana.  He has acquired many accomplishments from his marital art status to his honorary Doctorate of Divinity to retirement from the United States Air Force in June 1994. 

Soke Gregory Benjamin started his martial arts journey in 1971, under Master Johnson. Ben Do Sool ® Founder Gregory Benjamin is a lifelong student of the martial arts, with over 35 years in the arts. Soke Grandmaster Benjamin has studied and achieved black belts in different systems, but his main arts have been Korean styles such as Dong Koo Yudo Kwan/Korea 4th Dan, 4th Dan in Kempo, 3rd Dan in Do Hap Sool under Sabunim In Hwan Chung, 2nd Dan Tang Soo Do, and 1st Dan Tae Kwon Do, etc.  Soke Benjamin has been awarded the degree of Doctorate of Philosophy in Martial Arts & Sciences. He has trained in Korea, Germany, and the United States. While in the military for 20-plus years Soke Benjamin has trained many units and masters how to fight full contact in different Military Branches.  He is a decorated veteran (Vietnam and Gulf War) and a military hand to hand specialist.  Some he trained have gone on to take masters championships in different martial arts events. 

Soke Benjamin has trained with many great Masters in different systems. He fought Golden Glove, and has taken many martial arts championships. Soke Benjamin fought in the Osan Pacific Nationals full contact fighting tournament and placed third against 120 competitors;  some of the greatest fighters in the Marines, Army, Navy, and Air Force, etc.  Soke Benjamin also taught in Germany and Barksdale AFB from 1979 through 1984 before being transferred to Tinker AFB. Soke Benjamin has performed many exhibitions around the country and at different Air Force Bases. Soke Benjamin is also a certified martial arts international examiner.

Soke Benjamin is founder of Ben Do Sool School of Martial Arts which means “Fighting skills and weapon techniques”. Ben Do Sool’s unique aspects are its self-defense tactics, weapons, and its close quarter’s techniques.  Ben Do Sool is an art depicted on its circular movement, flowing motion and its animal forms. Soke Benjamin’s philosophy with the movements of this art is that a fight should not last longer than one minute.



Stephan Breu

Kaicho Stephan Breu was born in 1965 in Switzerland. Since his younger years he showed interest in japanese Martial Arts, starting training in Aikido and later Kyokushin Karate (Kyokushinkai) and Shotokan Karate-Do.

After a break in training of traditional Martial Arts caused by professional reasons and military service he restarted training in different modern Martial Arts systems. So he is today representing Kyokushin Kakuto Jitsu, a modern all-round fighting system based on Kyokushin-Karate headed by Kancho Fernando Caraballo and Kaicho Luis A. Ortiz Flores, in Switzerland. He is also confirmed  6th Dan by the International Ryu Kyu Kai Karate Association, a traditional Shotokan Organization founded by Grandmaster Teji Saito in 1954, today headed by Robert Handley, Hanshi.

Today he is focusing more on energy-training to develop "Ki" (chin. "Qi") and nourishing life. So he founded Kokusai Kikou Renmei to promote japanese energy systems for health benefits and he is heading Seishin-Ryu Kikoukai teaching  traditonal and modern kikou-forms as well as basic knowledge of traditional asian medicine and Zen-Buddhism through his school Energetic Arts Academy. Seishin-Ryu Kikoukai is member of the International Seishin-Ryu Association founded by Dai-Soke David Pérez Alvarez
of Seishin-Ryu Iaido Renmei (an organization founded 1945 by Hanshi Hattori Takeyuki, Soke).

Kaicho was also introduced to the newly developed Health Qigong Forms of the Chinese Health Qigong Association by his brother, at that time President of the Swiss Health Qigong Association. So he used the opportunity to present the Health Qigong forms "Yi Jin Jing" and "Ba Duan Jin" successfully as one of the first Europeans in China during the 2nd International Health Qigong Demonstration and Exchange in 2007 in Beijing and took his Duan Examination at this first time event. He is acting as Vice-President of the Swiss Health Qigong Association today.

His training allowed him to form a new training-system „Shaolin Yangsheng Fa“ combining the advantages of traditional elements of Shaolin Qigong and Shaolin Quan with daoistic techniques and the new developments in Health Qigong aiming for nourishing life of the practitioners.

Through his activities as Chairman of the Referee Committee of the World Sports Karate Federation (WSKE) and licensed Referee Sanshou for Swiss Wushu Federation he is still engaged in different martial arts events. He also founded Kokusai Bujutsu Kessha as an open forum and organization for Martial Arts enthusiastics worldwide.

He is also a Reiki Master/Teacher in the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition.


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