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Peter Abbate

practical Karate Kyokushinkai 41 years, and i teach for 30 years, and represent the degree Shihan black belt 7° dan.


Other grades represented Master of Kickboxing black belt 6° dan

Representative at  Italy for Combate Krav Maga Faixa Preta Brasil

Naster Black Belt 4°dan

Technical director of IBJJF(International Brazilian jJu JItsu Federation)

Master Red/Black 5° dan

Instructor civil military personal defense 


Federations represented:

WIMAAO Usa (World International Martial Arts Association Organization) position held Director for operations in Italy.

WTA Usa (World Trainer Association)Italian representative.

WFMC (World Fightsport & Martial Arts Council)Representative region of Campania-Naples-Italy.

WKC (World Karate & Kickboxing Council)Technical Director Kyokushin Karate and Kickboxing.


Italian Champion year 1980-1981-1982 Kyokushin Karate

Italian Champion year 1984 Kyokushin Karate

European Champion year 1986 Fullcontact WAKO

European Champion year 1889 Lowkick Wako

European Champion year 1991 Kyokushin Karate IKKF

International Champion year 1993 Fullcontact WKC

European Championships Military-Winner-1994 Fullcontact Acronyms Unified

World Champion year 1997 Fullcontact Karate WKC

World Champion year 2000 Lowkick WAKO

World Championships unified year 2005 Karate Kyokushinkai-Winner.

World Veterans Championships years 2010 Fullcontact-Winner

World Veterans Championships Unified year 2012 Kyokushin Karate-Winner



David J. D'Antonio

The Bufukan as it is known today was created in 1994 as the Bushi Kai Ninpo Dojo by Soke D'Antonio as a way to pass on the teachings of the Koga Ryu Wada Ha  style of ninjutsu.

Soke D'Antonio adopted the name Bufukan or "house of the warrior wind" in 1997 to describe his interpretation of both Iga and Koga stlyes of Ninpo, of which he is a master of both.

Soke D'Antonio began his martial arts training in 1978 under Soke Harou Oyama and Ni dai Soke Fred Barnes in the art of Koga Ryu Wada Ha ninpo. Soke D'Antonio would often train anywhere from 6 to 10 hours per day with his teachers and no less than 3 hrs per day. Training 7 days per week was mandatory. Soke D'Antonio became the iemoto (inheritor) of the system after 11 years of training with these men.

Soke was given the sacred Keppan  (blood oath ) at the age of 9. After becoming iemoto ,Soke began the study of other styles of ninjutsu to include Iga related systems. Soke remains true to his Koga lineage ( which stems from Soke Seiko Fujita)  to this day and maintains it as the basis of his teachings, favoring it over the other systems he has studied. Soke D'Antonio currently holds the grade of Judan kuro obi or 10th degree black belt in ninjutsu/ninpo. Soke has also studied Tae Kwon Do, Aikido and gung fu.

Soke D'Antonio is a certified reiki master and incorporates this into his teachings at the Bufukan Hombu Dojo.

In addition to his work in the martial arts (which includes a published book and several magazine articles) Soke has worked on private security details (as the director of operations) for various celebrities and private citizens. Soke D'Antonio is the co- founder and board member of the International Ninjutsu Soke and Masters Association, a member of the World Black Belt Bureau, and the International Combat Martial Arts Union. Soke maintains a very close friend-ship with the honorable Sato Ryu and is a friend and associate of Soke Yo Sato. Soke D'Antonio has also taught free martial arts classes to underprivledged inner city children.
Soke D'Antonio is a certified private security specialist and has worked for various companies as a loss prevention manager. Soke has also worked as an investigator specializing in video survailance.
Soke is a professional photographer...but maintains it as an enjoyable hobby and truly loves nature photography.


Soke D'Antonio instills a sense of discipline and honor in each of his students and teaches them the following principles: Loyalty,honesty, courage, accountability, commitment, dedication, discipline.



Ali Atiq Al-Atiq   

Ph.D. MA


Obtaining a certificate from the American President. 2004

World Champion for Martial Arts and Self Defense, Portugal. 2003

World Champion for Martial Arts and Self Defense, Italy. 2002

World Champion for Martial Arts and Self Defense, 2000, Canada.(Honorary)

Founder of Kingdom Institute for Martial Arts.

Co- founder of World Organization of  Martial Arts ( WOMA )

President. of Jeedo Kwan International Union

President of Combat Union.


President for more than 31 unions and international organizations


Representative for the American College for Martial Arts.

Member of the American College for Martial Arts.

Member of International Academy for Martial Arts.

Member of the World Union for Taekwondo

Member of the Arab Union for Karate.

Member of the Black Belt International.

Member of Shaolin Academy. North China for Martial Arts..

Member of the International Academy for Surveillance and Self Defense.

Member of the International Academy for Self Defense for Army and Police.

Life Honorary Member in ElioKwan , Black Belt- London.

Member of Personal Surveillance International Networks.


Member in more than 200 unions and global organizations.

7th Duan Black in kung fu , China

7th Degree Black Belt in Karate, Japan.

7th Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo , Korea.

Obtaining many Belts beyond the Black in other Combating Tactics.

Doctorate from the American College for Combating Sciences.

Consultant for more than 37 Unions and Organizations worldwide.

Life- Member for more than 70 Unions and Organizations Worldwide.

Conducted various Courses and Seminars Worldwide.

Trained more than 12,000 Trainee Worldwide.

Conducted more than 36 Championships in KSA, at an International Standard

Conducted and presided over more than 52 Meetings in KSA and the World.

More than 65 Branches of Combating Tactics are Under His Supervision.

More than 85 Branches of Combating Tactics are Under His Supervision Worldwide.

An Expert in Delivering and Presenting Workshops, Presentations and Seminars Worldwide.

An Expert in Physical Fitness.



Member of Harvard Club University, the United States of America.

Honorary Doctorate from one of the Indian Universities, Arts Section.

Press Conference for Al-Atiq getting into Hollywood. Special Photo with Titanic Film Director Mr. James Cameron and Al-Atiq. 2004.


Media: Magazine interview, newspapers interview, TV interview



Gerardo Armenteros


The Grandmaster Gerardo Armenteros, started his martial arts training in August 1982 from his hometown Bogo, Cebu, Philippines under Sensie Silvestre Banca an instructor of a Full-Contact Karate and Kick-Boxing of Bogo Martial Arts Center  an affiliate member of Tigers Hall of Martial Arts Association, at the same year also practiced regularly the art of  Filipino stick fighting and un-armed combat under supervisions of Pedro Tampus and Ben Francisco who learned their skills from  the late Grandmaster Filemon "Momoy" Canete, he earned his Blackbelt in  February 1984 awarded by Dann B. Diaz the Master and Founder of Tigers Hall of Martial Arts in Cebu City, Philippines became an  instructor and official member of Visayas Full-Contact Martial Arts Federation, Philippines-International. While teaching the full-contact martial arts he also learned  and continue his martial arts training in Chinese street fighting techniques under a long lost friend Leung Xing Fu who contributed most of his system. He joined the Philippine National Police in September 1990 and served the country for 15 years, while in the police service he learned the art of Comjukai Combat Aikido under Grandmaster Dhong Reynaldo, he helped teaching and improving the defense combat techniques of police forces especially the low-profile police auxiliary forces. In 1995 he  created the GEAR-DO and became a martial arts consultant of some local martial arts club in the province and started to introduce his own system to some of club instructors for advancement and upgrading of skills. In 2005 he immigrated to Canada and started introducing his system in September 2009 when he was accepted as a Karate Instructor of Kobayashi Ryu- The Karate Club Program with the compliment of Sensei Jo-Anne Marks and Sensei Jay Parsons and became a consultant and interpreter of the kata and its application. Recently, he is now running his own dojo with his own system accepting students and upgrading courses for instructors.




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