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Real level of a Combat Martial Arts skills can be evaluated only in a real fight. Any competition is not a real fight because every competition has the rules. That’s why for assessment of one’s combat martial art, level of technique, ability to concentrate, rapidity, strength and level of mastery it is important to compare oneself with oneself in earlier times and with the level of other Combat Martial Artists.


In order to provide the possibility for Combat Martial Artists’ development the ICMAUA conducts a permanent distance Combat Martial Arts Championship. This championship is considered to be a World Championship, since all members of ICMAUA, who represent over 60 countries by the time being, may participate in it.


Conditions of the Championship

The Championship is combat oriented, no sport only. Participants compete not with each other, but in the combative skills. The main thing - a reality of martial skills of the participant (no any rules, or judge sympathies, or weight jokes etc).


The Combat Martial Arts Championship ICMAUA is conducted with the help of the distant method of evaluating the video files, video or CD sent by the participants, where they demonstrate 10 or more real combat techniques and combinations (with a partner, the same techniques, on bag, also weapons etc.).



Any Martial Artist, any style, any level. Send us one your video as a  link, or at e-mail, on a separate videocassette or a CD.


Assessment criteria

The commission estimates a reality of techniques in fight: speed, force, balance, reaction etc. If all ten are real, the participant receives a rank of the Combat Martial Arts champion.

The main assessment criterion is a possibility of using the demonstrated technique in a real fight.


It assesses following aspects: Realism of technique; Rapidity; Equilibrium; Balance; Sharpness; Strength; Directivity of influence; Condition of one’s spirits; Look; Confidence of performance; Understanding of technique’s aim, etc.


For objectivity the commission is anonymous. Its structure: 5 person: the international judge of contact sports (kickboxing, draka, unifight), policemen, the full contact instructors, security, former militarians Specnaz and Osnaz, black belts, street fighters. If necessary we use any member of our organization also.



Every Champion can get the Champion Medal and the Certificate.


Champions’ Instructors, Champions’ Organizations

and Style Founders

The role of instructor and Founder is of great significance in training the Combat Martial Artists. That is why, when the Champion is given the title of champion, his/her Instructor and Style Founder is awarded the title of the Combat Martial Arts Champion also. Champion’s Instructor and Founder of Style can get the Combat Martial Arts Champion Medal.


The work of the organization, of which the Champion is a Member, let him reveal his potential. That is why the organization where he/she is a member, is awarded a title of the Combat Martial Arts Champions Organization. The Organization can get a Medal.



(only for awarded Champions)

World Combat Martial Arts Championship ICMAUA is not a commercial service. Therefore only the awarded Champion wants to get a Medal and the Certificate, he has to send an application and pay USD 100.


Copyrights and responsibility

ICMAUA bears no financial, legal, juridical or any other kind of responsibility for the materials sent. All the full responsibility for the information belongs to the authors. The international director and the Unions ICMAUA and ICMAUA itself disclaim responsibility for any liability, injuries or damages. By sending off the material the participant accepts all present conditions.




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World Champion


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